Since working as the education and interpretation officer at Wigan Pier 1997-2000 I have worked on education projects for museums, heritage sites and community groups in Yorkshire and Manchester.


For the British Library Inside Story project I programmed a series of storytelling, puppet theatre, dance and drama workshops in libraries and galleries in Leeds, York and Rotherham. I worked with local staff to scope and risk assess the sites. I then commissioned cultural freelancers to deliver family friendly activities revolving around the ‘world myths’ of the Hagaddah (Jewish), Ramayana (Indian) and Shahnameh (Persian epic poem).

Rangoli Workshop, Inside Story, Rotherham


I have created and delivered a range of Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 workshops on coal mining, textiles, world war two, toys and games, art, craft, PSHE, Citizenship and environmental and religious education. I am particularly keen to get hands-on with artefacts and use old photographs in my interaction.

Wreath Making Workshops, General Cemetery, December 2007


I recently worked with the museum services and stakeholders of Congleton and Nantwich and with support from Sheffield-based policy researchers Cadence Works. I created a report on Future Sustainability of Museums for Cheshire East Council. This focused on strategic commissioning, procurement and partnership working, with particular emphasis on the education and health sectors.

Congleton Museum

Creating learning resources for Primary and Secondary schools

I created a KS3/4 Citizenship online resource linked to the Home Truths Exhibition at Sheffield Museums and Galleries Trust ( This drew on the social history of the Parson Cross estate and it’s people; including the local boxing club. I also created an online learning resource for primary teachers on the work of women in the Twentieth Century.

KS3/4 Learning resource


I have evaluated several projects in Yorkshire, including the summative evaluation of the the impact of outreach science and technology, storytelling and foundation stage engagement projects in the Abbeydale Education Action Zone in south-west Sheffield. Commissioned by Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.

Evaluation of Fantastic Forces project

If you’re interested in seeing what I can do for you in terms of education please get in touch.